Jesus Geek - Lego My Ego

Jesus Geek - Lego My Ego
Admit it. We all like to move to that obnoxious jerking music we hear. We like to do a little dougie, maybe even wobble & hit the cray button. But I'm with you... that mess gets so annoying if it has no substance. I give people like Young Chozen, KIDD, Black Knight, HOPP, and Jesus Geek mad credit for pulling off this style of music in order to praise God. Jesus Geek's Lego My Ego is by far one of the coolest tracks I've heard in this genre of music. With a flaming proud Romans 1:16 sort of flow. Jesus Geek aims to entirely kill his ego in this song. With banging 808s and a catchy rhythm that makes you wanna "Lego Yo Ego", this track is among the collection of dance floor hits that should be played at all the christian parties instead of the likes of the New Boyz. Lego My Ego.

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