About Team Angel Noise!

As A Whole...
We are a collection of faithful christian men & women who are devoted to glorifying God in all areas in our lives. Since we all are well skilled or educated in the area of music, as well as hold firm convictions on what one should listen to, we decided to make it easier on our friends and fam who seem to be craving spiritual messages, and still wanna nod their head to sick beats and tricky wordplay. We know that there is a ton of music out there, and most of it's free! So our goal is to promote the artists, review & even critique their music, so that our fellow followers of Christ (and those who just may wanna break from the mold of impure music) can choose wisely what kind of music they put in their ears, and inevitably their hearts. We hope to change the majority's view on christian music and show that it is indeed on the rise. It is a hefty challenge. We got that. But with Christ, we can do all things. So we hope you enjoy the blog. Follow it, comment on it, and pass it on to a friend. We'll appreciate the love because what we're doing is bigger than us... it's for the glory of God.
-Team AN!

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