Bryson Price - On The Sunny Side

Bryson Price - On The Sunny Side
Dubstep!!!!!!!!!! Yes, dubstep. But not just that. The whole free album is a mix of dubstep & house tracks that by their quality shine the light on how awesome this guy has been blessed by God for such a skill. I am not kidding. I was amazed when I heard this. So for my friends who find it hard to listen to half the techno on their iPods because of the curse-word drops and the vulgar hooks... I present Bryson Price's On The Sunny Side. Bryson first made his name known through his remix of Lecrae's No Regrets ft. Suzy Rock (and a recent remix of 808 & Elite's Nobody Move ft. Lecrae). His style does have a unique flair that separates him from the Deadmau5 sound-alikes, Skrillex clones, and Flux Pavillion imitations. You can distinguish his sound, and his quality is nothing short of awesome. Before I followed God, I would have never conjured up the idea that you could glorify God in this genre, but I will consider Bryson Price, along with the well-known Karac, to be a pioneer in christian techno. I hope to see more from this guy, but for now... get his free Album!!!! It'll be worth your lovely ears.

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