New things to come...

We here at Angel Noise! are grateful for the support in the little time that we have been out... so we are deciding to return the favor. At 500 views (or somewhere in the neighborhood of that) we will be releasing some surprises for you awesome viewers. How much do you guys like the logo? Yeah, some of us were thinking of changing it... so we did the next best thing. In the above picture are snippets of redesigned versions of the logo for your wonderful computer or smartphone (and that's only a few of them). So, rack up the views, and we'll post them up for you.

In addition to that, we'll keep the trend going and keep putting out stuff for you all as our views get higher. The higher the number, the better it gets (you may even see merch one day).

Finally, at the 500 view mark, we'll also be releasing another addition to the AN! blog. It's a more journalist approach towards the music world, so we can keep AN! strictly music downloads, so look out for it. =)
We love you guys! Thanks so much for the support!

P.S. Speaking of support, I wanna put in a plug for some friends at Trinity Design. They are an awesome clothing line that devotes different months to helping different charities. Do go check them out and support them. Get a sweater for christmas! It's the one sweater you wont regret rocking for the holidays.
-Team Angel Noise!

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