J. Han - Art Of Starch

J. Han - Art Of Starch
Someone has to explain to me why this is so dope... cause obviously, I don't get it. I mean, who on earth uses their lifestory as a way to relate people to Christ over jazzy beats and a few crazy bangers? This whole album is a masterpiece from beginning to end. J. Han's Art Of Starch is not your typical CHH album with deep messages over dope beats... though it has some. It isn't just fancy poetry and tricky wordplay, though it is present. This is the life of James Han redeemed through the cross of Christ, and how in the same way he saw God through a mad life of trying to fit in while helping the family business, you can see and know him in your very own life. I reccomend that you waste no time clicking the link below and playing this. Seriously, play it immediately. You're wasting time reading the rest of this. ;)

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