Social Club - Glow In The Dark ft. Gawvi

Social Club - Glow In The Dark ft. Gawvi

Now, for you Social Club Misfits out there, you may be thinking "Why are you only promoting one song, Damon?" Funny you would ask. The whole Misfits album just dropped for free actually... so I see your point. However, I wanna devote this one entirely to this song because of it's dubstep feel. Like I said, we promote a lot here, so let's do that. If you are as odd as I am, you love hip-hop, and you love dubstep... then I introduce to you Social Club's Glow In The Dark ft. Gawvi. This song alone gets a spotlight because there is hardly anything out there that brings God glory with this style of music. Granted, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Usher, and some other big names are bringing hip-hop & pop into the techno world, but to be honest, so little of it is actually about God, and it's getting old. Many of you may not be easily impressed by Martymar's flow, and I understand that. It's an acquired taste to say the least. However, despite his notorious flow (which is found to be almost the same in all of his songs) the song is guaranteed to be a dance floor favorite. What a better way to do so then to talk about "glowing" in the dark world for God? It is definitely a catchy song with synths ringing in the verses and a chorus which literally captures the idea of a hook. You will not go wrong with this song, so I encourage you to get on it.

Get Social Club's Glow In The Dark ft. Gawvi Here

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