S.O. - Lamentations ft. Leah Smith

S.O. - Lamentations ft. Leah Smith
Have you ever had a song that made you wanna cry? Or even a song that you listen to when you are crying? Well, we all have those lovely moments. It's the downside of life for us human beings that we always face depressing moments in our lives without any understanding on how to face them. S.O.'s Lamentations ft. Leah Smith shows us exactly that. Written out of a broken heart, S.O. explains how he felt when his father passed away, the pressure brought on him, and his view of God during the matter. With deep & moving lyrics and a powerful delivery from the phenomenal Leah Smith (also known to do the chorus on S.O.'s Lows & Highs, which rolls around the same atmosphere of emotion), the song is one of great substance and is not to be downplayed as "just another sad song". S.O.'s Lamentations is by far one of the best songs leaving this year. You will do well to get his cd titled "So It Continues", a sequel to his free album "So It Begins".

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