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Hey! If you have just stumbled upon/searched & found this page, I welcome you. Obviously you are wondering "What is this?" or even "What am I supposed to find here?" I can address both for you. The people here at Angel Noise! are dedicated to finding, promoting, reviewing, and critiquing GOOD Christian music, as well as other songs that may not be explicitly Christian. We are a group of individuals who have a firm conviction on the noise that pollutes our ears daily, and we have chosen to listen to the most holy noise we can find... if you catch what I mean. Here at Angel Noise!, you will find music that is pure, safe, and by "expert" opinion... good. You may also find on here, songs that may not fall under said criteria of "goodness"... but for good reason. What we "record", we don't always promote, but we warn against. Like the Bible does. Many of us here have a taste for hip hop, rap, r&b, pop, and some techno/dubstep, so be prepared to see a ton of it here. Now that you have been quickly briefed, do enjoy the rest of the blog and continue to listen to good, wholesome music.

-Damon "The Matsuda"

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