A Bright Sky - Cowboys & Zombies (Live @ the House Of Blues Anaheim)

A Bright Sky - Cowboys & Zombies
I cannot lie... I know part of this band. I already know how sick they are. They're 50 times better than any christian version of Paramore, Blink 182, or Yellowcard (which is what youtube apparently thinks they are), so I'll do this primarily for you guys. If you haven't already checked out the debut single Hero by A Bright Sky, then I encourage you to seriously check out that song... as well as their entire ep. It's easy (at least for me) to find christian hip-hop & dubstep, but to find a christian rock band with this amount of talent and such a nostalgic (and excellent) sound is almost rare. I encourage you, no, demand... no, command you to give them a listen. No free download for the song here... but they have a facebook page and respond all the time to people... so get to it! You may get one if you ask nicely.

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