The Voice - Thou Art The Christ

The Voice - Thou Art The Christ
I know, I know. This is an old track... but who doesn't like the older tracks we once used to bump? I'll be honest. I got to this one super late, and then downloaded it way later... so for all of you first time listeners, you are not alone. Notorious for his apologetic-like lyrics and meaningful flows, The Voice (who not to long ago came out with Worship Sessions, a remixtape of all your favorite worship songs) presents Thou Art The Christ as a "clear the air" for all the people who think they know who Jesus is... but really have no clue. The beat itself is simple. It samples an old audio record reciting the king james version of Matthew 16:15-16, and then breaks into this sick hip hop beat. The Voice then proceeds to explain away the rumors of Christ and fully explain who he was through biblical examples and what not. It's awesome. You make no mistake in getting this, so do it!

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