Lecrae - I Know (Cardec Drums Remix)

Lecrae - I Know (Cardec Drums Remix)
 You have no idea how not happy I am that this guy's remix won the "I Know" Remix Contest. However, I promised myself the winner (which I thought would be Tone Jonez) would make it onto the blog... and since I haven't done much in a while, I can't really complain. Honestly, this remix is stinking dope. It recreated the original feel for the song (or should I say enhanced it) with a mash-up of Adele's Rumor Has It. Still, the song maintains the same message. "I know what they're saying, but it doesn't matter. I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing regardless of the rumors they spread and the talk they talk." An attitude that is initially helpful, if anything required, if you plan on taking the step to follow a God who commands you to do right in a wrong-headed world. So, I'm gonna go listen to the Tone Jonez remix a couple more times, but I suggest you give Jay Cardec his credit and get this track. You won't be disappointed.

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