B.Reith - The Life of an Artist 1.0 ft. Knine & Promise

B.Reith - The Life of an Artist 1.0 ft. Knine & Promise

I heard... well I read... that Jason wanted to hear more from Promise. Well, I had planned on giving B.Reith a little shine, but since I can kill two birds with one stone... why not? I actually just skimmed by B.Reith's music almost a million times before taking a listen... then realized how often I passed his music up. There is no joke to this guy. He sings, and raps. I'm positive he does more, but what can I say? He's better than Justin Timberlake & Eminem combined. Okay, maybe not... but he does drop bombs on Drake in a hot second. B.Reith's The Life of an Artist 1.0 ft. Knine & Promise do oh so much to explain the daily struggle of the rising artist. This hits home so well that I laugh thinking about the concept. More than that, the whole panel of artists here are christian artists, so anyone listening would be able to understand not only the struggle of a regular artist, but of a christian artist as well. Even in the beginning with B.Reith's interaction with the bank teller just spoke to us starving artists. Knine & Promise's deliveries were both relatable and outstanding. The beat itself is something I've never heard with a horn melody that instantly produces headnodic movement, and a near-close-to-fresh sounding drum kit that just hits with the right amount of everything. You can find this as well as some remixes and unreleased songs from B.Reith's How The Story Continues Vol. 1, a free sequel to his How The Story Ends album. I will highlight the whole album in another post however, so look for it so you can get the download there.

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