B.Reith - How The Story Continues Vol.1

B.Reith - How The Story Continues Vol.1
I cannot sell this one to you enough. It almost hands itself away on a gold platter. It makes me wish I paid some attention to the several youtube videos and free downloads labeled "B.Reith". B.Reith's How The Story Continues Vol. 1 is by far the most interesting collection of music I have ever heard in a while. Coming from his pop roots, B.Reith takes a stab at hip-hop hits and r&b melodies that captivate the listener. A sequel to his How The Story Ends, B.Reith features a few unreleased originals and remixes from his former album that, quite frankly, are better than the original versions. It starts off with the deep south banger, After The Beat ft. Isaiah Tate. Oh. My. Wow. Nothing says "Where did that come from?" better than the reaction you'll get in hearing B.Reith start his verse. It takes on a completely different sound from his former album because it's heavily rap based. A few favorites of mine happen to be Lonely Hearts Club KO Remix ft. Kevin Olusola (well known for his beatboxing cello skills), Drawing Board Remix ft. Dre Murray & produced by his dynamic partner in crime, Wit. And Tippy Toe ft. Theory Hazit (who's on par with Common lyrically & musically in my opinion) from the powerhouse known as Humble Beast. You will make no mistake in getting this album and replaying it all the time.

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