J-Flo - Yolo ft. J-Mase

J-Flo - Yolo ft. J-Mase
I am not only amazed at the amount of rebellion toward this popular motto, but I am encouraged. J-Flo's Yolo ft. J-Mase is one of the few songs that is aimed at attacking Drake's popularized motto, Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once). Already, the phrase has become very popular among people as a justification to do stupid things (as J-Flo points out). It is almost a motto that begs for one to be sent to hell... which I'm pretty sure no one would be down for if they knew what it really was. With that said, J-Flo not only tackles the motto in the culture of the world, but in our own churches. KB's sample in the song gives the motto it's real meaning in light of damnation when he says "YOLO, only live once? But you can die twice." So it seems strange that any christian would walk around uttering such a repulsive phrase that is so inconsistent with christianity... and try to justify it with the whole "Well, there's only one life on earth" response. My friends, let us as followers of Christ reject such nonsense, despite it's popularity, and just (as Jin says in his version of the song) live out the new motto. You Obey God Only.

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