KB - Church Clap ft. Lecrae (Tyshane Remix)

KB - Church Clap ft. Lecrae (Tyshane Remix)

You have to be out of your mind to not wanna play this with the bass all the way up... actually, I don't recommend it if you have those neighbors who might call the cops on you... ignore my strange comments. One of the most interesting remixes you may find (and it isn't an official remix) is KB's Church Clap ft. Lecrae (Tyshane Remix). Now, I gave the remix that name because the original person, known on youtube as reachtestaccount2, hadn't given it a name. The instrumental, produced by Tyshane, is loaded full of bass and snare, and 808s that produce a headnodic feel that leaves you breaking the replay button. The song itself, digs into the concept of Church. Noting the "crazy praising" and the "spiritual nosebleeds", it tackles the primary reason why any christian should be at church... and why they shouldn't. With great imagery from both Lecrae & KB, they bring a heavy hit to the church culture which wreaks of "Praise Jesus, don't be convicted". This remix is worthy of your iPod... so grant it the pleasure of playing it.

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