NAK - Fruits: The Mixtape (2012)

NAK - Fruits: The Mixtape (2012)
If there is any reason for you to listen to this mixtape, it would not be because it's popular. Actually, I think this kind of music is often overlooked by the mainstream crowd. Nevertheless, I present to you NAK's Fruits: The Mixtape. This is by far one of the most unique collections of music I've seen that glorify God because it takes it to another level. Loaded with a Nujabes (Known for his contribution to Samurai Champloo & his collaboration with Shing02, who is the rapper in the Samurai Champloo theme, on the luv(sic.) series) sound, NAK uses beautiful music to deliver powerful lyrics that bring the King glory on so many levels. Not afraid to showcase his talent, he brings a sort of confidence that lights fire to the likes of Waka Flaka Flame & Chief Keef. Now, He isn't of the same as them... in fact his genre of hip-hop is in a whole other sub genre... but he knows quality. Nujabes fans would appreciate his work, and I know you may like it too.

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