A Bright Sky - Hero (Download Available)

A Bright Sky - Hero
So I am well aware that there is already a post from ABS on this song... but I had to do it again. Why? Well, this super awesome track from them titled Hero has a download available via ABS's facebook. I'll have the link here as well, but it is a must that you visit their page. Like I said before, these guys are far better than any punk-pop band that out there (and they love God). The song itself has been a favorite of mine because it brings back that sound you would hear back when people wanted to skate and listen to Blink 182 & Sum 41. I know I did. It's definitely something that people can really appreciate in this genre of music, so do yourself and appreciate them! Btw, they're having a show Jan. 13th at a place called DiPiazza's in Long Beach, CA. Check it out in their events on the ABS page and invite yourself. =)

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