Leah Smith - Grow Up

Leah Smith - Grow Up
Now, it's one thing to post up these songs for you lovely folks and the artist may never know... but I really wanna do good with this one because I actually got Leah Smith's okay for this. No, really. It's right here. Anyhow, as I cool down from the crazy shock that hit me 5 minutes ago when this happened, let me present to you Leah Smith's Grow Up. Like most of you, I've been waiting for something new from Leah since I first started hearing her music. From the amazing choruses on both Trip Lee's The Good Life & S.O.'s So It Begins & So It Continues, to her single on B3AR FRUIT's Fruit Cocktail Mixtape titled Joy, to her very own album, Beautifully Made, Leah Smith never fails to produce anything short of phenomenal. So what should you expect in this brand new single? Amazing vocal skill. The best studio production sound. Acoustic instrument use with quality I can only dream to have... one day. All things that we can appreciate musically. Not only that, the lyrical content is something I really do appreciate as a young christian, as you could too even as an older christian. An expression of the struggle to "grow up" and be mature. As christians, we face this challenge daily. In our walk with God, at work, with family, and just in life in general. Maturity indeed is a challenge, but grateful are we that we have a savior in whom we can do all things, right? This song gets 10 out of 5 in my book, and you'll love it as well. So us all a favor and get that. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

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