Trip Lee - Robot (Alex Medina Remix)

Trip Lee - Robot (Alex Medina Remix)
What would the world look like if everyone was controlled? I mean, someone gave commands, we obeyed, and there was no rebellion? What if the person in charge hated you, and found pleasure in watching you waste away? Does this sound familiar? To Trip Lee it definitely does. This is actually happening whether or not we realize it. Satan has a hook on us and is taking advantage of our sinful nature. Tempting it. And we never refuse... So what Trip Lee does in his amazing single Robot, is show us that, and pleads that we join the rebellion. In our sin, we are robots. Through God, we can be real. Now, it's going to hurt to see Trip Lee leave music, but he left us with a good amount of music to marinade on, and Alex Medina does his thing again with a remix. My only complaint is that it's 1:22 long. I would love more, but I can always keep hitting replay. You can get this... well, you should get this. It's a really awesome pick-me-up for our constant rebellion against the sinful nature. If you are not a robot, you will have this.

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