Skrip - Say Ft. Andy Mineo

Skrip - Say Ft. Andy Mineo
So... who's go something to say? I know that whenever I'm in class and my teacher says something faulty about God, my hand is up. Skrip & Andy must be encouraging the same thing (in a class full of christians apparently). Say at first didn't catch my ears with the few seconds of intro... until Skrip started flowing. Plus, I was drawn to it because of Andy Mineo (because homeboy kills everything he's on). However, despite my lack of faith in this being a worthy track, it exceeds my expectations 3 times over. Honestly, who wouldn't wanna stand up for God in public unless you were honestly scared? We here in America face no death threats. Only hateful remarks regarding us being a delusional lot of mysticals & misfits. How frightening! The video is a rather funny fictional take on the young christian's response to their teacher's "enhanced" understanding of God. Andy stands side by side with Skrip with "something to say" provoking the whole class to respond to the teacher's claim. Ironically, an actual situation would leave you (and maybe a few others) sticking out like sore thumbs, and could damper your rep. I don't know about you, but I'm with Social Club on their "Misfits till I die" when it comes to defending God because it's way more important than a temporary reputation. So, if you have something to say, speak it loud. If you're kinda scared, then give a listen to this, pray for the spirit to let you speak boldly & respectfully, then go hard.

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