Strght & Nrrw - S&N Life ft. MC Jin, Uncle Reece, A-FLO, & Erick Dayz

Strght & Nrrw - S&N Life ft. MC Jin, Uncle Reece, A-FLO, & Erick Dayz
Who says a clothing line can't make mixtapes & music videos? B3ar Fruit did it. Speaking of clothing lines... I heard Trinity Design was opening up a website soon. Anyhow, get a crew neck after you listen to this (and if they get enough support, they may will do a mixtape? Or even a theme song! Okay, I'm not speaking for them, just my curious mind at work). Anyone ever wonder what happened to that dude who called himself the "First Chinese Rapper"? I mean, really... homeboy fell off the face of the earth. Well, looks like he fell into the right hands. Jin has made his lowkey comeback in the CHH universe and is doing big things, as you can see here. The clothing line, Strght & Nrrw, recently released a mixtape titled Blood, Sweat, Tears, & Prayers (named after one of their popular shirts, I believe) featuring an all star line up, including the likes of MC Jin, A-Flo, Social Club, Braille (featured in the above video), Alex Faith, & more. The mixtape itself has a very new-southern rap sound to it, but hops around the sub-genres of hip-hop & rap to give everyone a track to love. Anyhow, Get the mixtape to get this wonderful S&N anthem, and you won't be let down.

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