Flo - Child's Play

Flo - Child's Play
Now, don't freak out.This isn't anything like "Don't hug me, I'm scared". The picture is probably the most misleading part of this track. However, with the skill of this guy's neadnodic flow... I may reconsider that comment. I haven't been listening to much of anything lately to be honest, so when I heard this... it caught me off guard. Flo's Child's Play, as far as I can tell, is him giving you a clear picture of who he is and who he stands for. Mentioning the misconceptions of his faith, false hopes & dreams that cannot be attained, and living the life as a christian, you will find so much meaning riddled through this song that hitting repeat over 90x is advised & prescribed. However, the song title does play off of both the movie "Child's Play" and 1 Corinthians 13:11, and the mix is appropriate. Consider what we call the "sins of our youth". Don't they all cause something bad? Even the little white lie builds up guilt... and for good reason. To do those things we did as a "child" now, would lead us down a place too dark & too hot for anyone's preference. Since we now know the truth, we no longer have the security of ignorance, and should choose to act accordingly... because even that veil won't hold for long. Anyhow, get this. It's better than anything Kendrick Lamar puts out. =)

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