Lecrae - Rebel Vs. Gravity

Lecrae - Rebel Vs. Gravity
Sorry Rapzilla, we can't pass up promoting this glorious track. What is maturity? It's the forward change and growth of an individual person or thing, right? So what is that for the christian? To mature is to increase not only our faith, but to change our view on things based off of our understanding of God, the bible, the world, sin, and so on. So what happens when you pin up a young zealous Lecrae up against an older, more mature Lecrae? Someone is gonna get rebuked for something... Lecrae has had to deal with a lot of fan hazing because of his recent moves with his Church Clothes & Gravity projects. A daring step into the secular world to bring the lost souls to God... using their own artists to do so. However, some younger, less mature, zealous fans of his claim that he has gone down an iniquitous route. That he's letting the fame get to his head, and his messages aren't the same, and so on. So recognizing that, Gravity's Lecrae takes a listen to his fans through Rebel's Lecrae, and the result is humbling. I advise you to take a listen. Yes, we haven't done much here in a while, but fear not! We'll be back up and running, and we'll be bringing new stuff to you every week. So keep your eyes peeled. 

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