RMG - Does Not Compute

RMG - Does Not Compute
In this digital age of ours... we often run into more ideas than we ought to... some very bad. So in an attempt to connect the reality of our culture and it's poisonous notions through various allegories, & metaphors, RMG's Does Not Compute comes in guns blazing aiming to tear down the walls of sinfulness that present itself to us daily. I kid you not, the beat itself is super catchy, with a mocking hook that makes most of us smile with laughter. The lyrical content is full of references to technology in order to show the true face of sin in our culture through something we can understand. Though I didn't hear much from Chad Jones on this one, the song still held its own fairly well. It isn't free, but it is worth having. Like I said, bag of chips... well now that these price hikes are hitting us on the west... I'd say it's cheaper... and much more worth it. In many ways.

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